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折扣 v形减肥机真空滚筒空化 velashape 身体 rf

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CE,ISO 13485,TUV
真空 + 940nm 红外激光 + 射频 + 滚筒
0.5 s-7.5 s
RF 频率:
1 〜 5 M Hz
最大月 W
AC220V/月 Hz AC110V/60 赫兹


117X64X69 厘米
60.0 公斤
One set Taibo velashape wshape body shape skin tighten body slimming wrinkle removal packed by wood case.
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Velashape Weight Loss Body Shaper Body Slimming Vacuum Roller RF Infrared laser Machine
Principle of Product

Treatment principle of velashape vacuum rf cavitation roller weight loss skin tighten wrinkle removal machine 

Technology1: Cavitation
40KHz Cavitation technology in itself means that the ultrasound causes the fat cells to vibrate so fast (high frequency) so vacuum bubbles are formed in the cell. As a consequence, the outer casing of the fat cells (the membrane) is "blown out" and the fat ends outside the cells. Outside of the membrane, the fat can be broken down to rapidly accessible energy, which is then taken up in the blood or transported by lymph nodes, after which they are either burned or stored in other fat cells elsewhere in the body.

Technology 2: 940nm infrared light
Infrared light (IR) has a direct and very positive effect on muscles and joints. IR increases the oxygenation in the cells and
gives a warming effect, which leads to increase in the endorphin production that relieves pain and stiffness in muscles and joints. IR also strengthens the elasticity of the connective tissue and increases lymph and blood circulation. When treating the skin in, for example, the face with IR, clogged pores are opened, gray and glossy skin gets a new and finer luster.

Technology 3: Bipolar RF(radio frequency)
Bipolar RF makes water molecules in the fat revolve with high speed to produce friction and shock, then triglyceride go out from fat. RF energy with 1-10M could get to 4-15mm skin depth, which makes every layer get heat evenly. The new collagen makes skin turn tighten. This Bipolar RF makes the reorganizing fat cells connect more closely, stimulate the collagen re-grow, avoiding flabby skin after slimming treatment.

Technology 4: Vacuum massage
The vacuum massages lift, mold and massage the skin deep and on the surface. The massage also increases the blood circulation, which in turn leads to the release of fat from the fat cells. The massage further provides a tightening of the skin.

Technology 5: Mechanical roller massage
The mechanical roller massage works profoundly on densified connective tissues. The mechanical massage rollers enhance the skin's cell-generating activity, resulting in thickened fat deposits being drained.
Application of wshape machine

Application of Velasmooth Velashape Slimming with Vacuum Suction+Infrared Laser+Bipolar RF+Roller Massage

1. Intensive physical biolysis to remove fat
2. Excess fat cell melted, Body circumference reduction
3. Body slimming, Body contouring, Body Shaping, weight loss 
4. Cellulite reduction, Massage
5. Skin tightening, Eyelid Area Treatment
6. Smooth fatigue, Wrinkle removal
7. Remove obstruction from channels and collaterals
8. Promote and accelerate the body's metabolism
Detail Image
Detail photos of Vacuum + Velashape + Roller Massager + RF+ Infrared light System Newest Slimming Machine

Treatment handpieces of vacuum roller cavitation velashape body shaper machine

1. Big vacuum RF laser handpiece for body shape , body slimming .
2. Medium vacuum RF laser handpiece for arms , thigh skin tighten , weight loss.
3. Small vacuum RF laser handpiece for facelift , skin tighten .
4. Vacuum dual cavitation for body fat reduce.
Technical Parameters
Specification of RF Cavitation Vacuum Roller Massage Laser Velashape Slim Shape Equipment
LCD screen
1) Display screen: 10.4”
2) Display screen of handpiece
Display screen on handpiece 1: 2.4″
Display screen on handpiece 2: 1.9″
Working mode
Pulse width
Negative pressure
1) Absolute value: 80kPa -10kPa (60.8cmHg - 7.6cmHg)
2) Relative value: 20kPa -90kPa (15.2cmHg – 68.4cmHg)
Rev of roller
0-36 rpm
Working mode for roller
4 types
Safety checking
Real time on line
RF frequency
RF energy density
Max: 60J/cm
Laser wavelength
Laser power
Number of handpiece
Rated input power
Machine size
Machine Display
Display of Fitness Velashape Machine/Vacuum Roller Suction Slimming Machine for Cellulite Reduction
Before & After treatment by RF Roller Velashape Body Massager Weight Loss Beauty Device
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Company Profile
Taibo beauty Company is the professional manufacturer of beauty equipment, medical equipment, Skin rejuvenation System Beauty Salon products and so on. Now we developed IPL series, SHR, E-light, Co2 fractional laser, 808nm diode laser, ultrasonic cavitations, fractional RF and hair re-growth laser, 980nm diode laser vascular removal, High frequency, HIFU skin tightening,HIFUslimming, Water oxygen jet peel, q switch nd yag laser, etc.
Keep leading in technology and service is always our aim. Your trust and support make us success.
Xi'an Taibo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. will work hard constantly for supplying best product and after sale service.
Taibo beauty China always attends the Beauty Expo to different countries, Dubai derma, Asian Derma in Singapore, Poland Beauty Days, Vietnam Exhibition, Indian beauty expo, etc.

Every exhibition, we will bring many kinds of beauty machine including vertical 2 handles IPL SHR hair removal, Co2 fractional laser, Microneedle rf wrinkle removal, 808nm diode laser hair removal, 980nm laser vascular removal, etc.
Shipping: velashape vacuum cavitation roller body shape  machine shipping by DHL, Fedex, TNT, UPS, or Special Express, door to door service, 5-10 days for the delivery.

Payment : T/T, westion union, paypal.
1. Q: What is W-shape?
A: W-shape is a multifunctional machine for cellulite reduction, wrinkle removal and skin tightening which is consisted of bipolar RF, infrared laser 940nm, cavitaion, vacuum and roller.W-shape can promote the metabolism of fat cells and synthetic fiber cells, blood circulation, and lymphatic drainage.

2. Q: How many treatments needed?
A: For body and limbs, 10 treatments each session, each 4-5 days for one treatment, 30 minutes each treatment. For face, 10 treatments one session, once a week, 10-15 minutes each treatment. For eye wrinkle, 10 treatments one session, once a week, 15 minutes each treatment.

3. Q: How often should treatments be performed? How long I will see the results?
A: Each treatment will last 45-60 minutes for whole body. 15 minutes for local area treatment. We recommend 10 treatments as a session, there will be improvements differently after each treatment. Results can last up to a few years depending on age, lifestyle and hormonal changes, maintenance sessions are recommended to extend the effect of the results, we recommend once a month after desired results have been obtained. 1-5cm will be reduced on thighs, 2-6cm on abdomen and waists.

4. Q: Does it have any pain or noise etc?
A: It is a sensation similar to a massage. If done properly, the procedure should not hurt because the therapist/nurse adjusts the level of intensity to your personal comfort.

5. Q: What will happen after treatment?
A: 1) Urinary output will be increased.
    2) Feel thermal for 30minutes to an hour.

6. Q: What should be noticed after treatment?
A: Please avoid sunbath and tanning treatment.

7. Q: Why suggest clients not to do treatments during their menstrual period?
A: the sense of pain, nerve will be more sensitive in the period, and
resistance power is weak, so please avoid menstrual period.

8. Q: Who can operate W-shape?
A: Any trained operators can use it.

9. Q: Applications of W-shape?
A: 1) Neck lift, face lifting, improve crow’s feet, dark circles, eye bags, etc.
2) Cellulite reduction for arms, legs, back, waists, abdomen.
3) Body shaping after childbirth.
4) Striae gravidarum reduction.

FAQs for facial treatment
1. Q: The results will be different for different skin types?
A: Yes, the results will be more obvious for oily skin than dry skin. Skin fibers’contractility of dry skin is worse than oily
skin, for better results, please strengthen the moisture of dry skin before and after the treatment.

2. Q: How long the results last up after one treatment?
A: Collagen regeneration stimulation is a long-term process, the results will be visible after one treatment, but it will last up
3-7 days.

3. Q: Does the client who has facial injection can do treatment?
A: No.

4. 4. Q: Does the client who has facial silica gel can do treatment?
A: No.

5. 5. Q: Does the client who has Porcelain teeth can do treatment?
A: No.

6. 6. Q: Does the client who has metal teeth can do treatment?
A: No.

7. 7. Q: Does the client who is react to metal?
A: No.

8. Q: Does the client who is in facial neuritis acute stage can do the treatment?
A: No. It will aggravate the illness.

9. Q: Can we do IPL face treatment at the same time as W-shape treatment?
A: It will be better do W-shape treatment in a week after IPL treatment
or 1-2 days advance before IPL treatment.

10. Q: How long can the client do the treatment after wound healing?
A: At least 1-3 months for abdomen wound.
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